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Mulberry playful Spring/Summer 2012 campaign is bright, colorful and delicious. I had quite some time to indulge in the pages of the new November issues. InStyle is my favorite fashion magazine, so there was no doubt in picking that up at the newsstand first.

Gov. Ron DeSantis as aid for Gulf and Bay counties, which both suffered major damage from Category 5 Hurricane Michael signed two 2018 executive orders intended to help people vote. The executive order permitted the counties to designate many early voting sites as well as increase the flexibility of voting periods..

I mean we could talk all day about the blurry lines between cult and religion, but that neither here nor there. IHOPKC is a cult. They run an unaccredited university, believe in the rapture and the second coming, livestream and put their services on TV, are run like a business by some guy who founded it only 20 years ago, and are involved in all these controversies.

How do you figure out what you want? Be prepared to talk. A Cohen’s specialist is going to ask you questions: What do you like to wear? What are your favorite colors? Such questions help Cohen’s experts pinpoint the types of frames that will work best for each individual. Whether you want something on trend or timeless, Cohen’s is certain to have something to suit you..

The Sidekicks are coming off a thrilling and emotional overtime win Saturday over their historic rivals, the Tacoma Stars. The 5 4 win was capped off by Felipe De Sousa who stunned the visitors with a perfectly placed shot at the far post for the game winner, picking up a ha. Full Story.

Where to goThe best game viewing areas in the Serengeti are the short grass plains and their granite kopjes in the south, the Seronera Valley, the Western Corridor and the far north of the park where it meets the Mara. This area was closed for 20 years to create a cheetah haven until it opened in 2014 and is offbeat Serengeti at its very best. There are soda lakes, too, with pink clouds of flamingos, and marshes where serval cats love to hang out..

Working in the gig economy or for a service business (restaurants and hospitality, daycare centers etc) puts millions of people of the edge of economic catastrophe without a safety net. We need an economic system that works for the majority of people. The gravity of the situation we face makes it clear why US workers need paid sick leave and all residents should have access to a comprehensive healthcare program like Medicare for All..

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