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If we can’t be equals as independent adults with opinions, then let us be equals as slaves. It isn’t as if I could properly argue, or refuse the masters lest I receive a figurative whipping and possibly being removed from this plantation permanently. I slave here willingly, making money for the masters and when you go out of your way to sabotage your fellow slaves then you are hurting everyone’s income.

“I don’t think it’s totally common for that to happen,” said Grube, who spends much of his year traveling from tournament to tournament, scouting ways to improve his own, and meeting with golfers. “Especially getting a guy to win a tournament three times, and having the same title sponsor all three times. Not just the same tournament, the same title.”.

The director went on ESPN’s “First Take” to explain that guards harassed him for using an entrance that he’s had access to for the last 28 years. The Oscar winner is the Knicks’ most high profile fan and has been attending basketball games at Madison Square Garden for decades. A video clip of Lee surrounded by Madison Square Garden security guards went viral on social media during the Knicks’ March 2 game.

The hall was always decorated, there were skits, poems and music. The children would anxiously wait as Santa handed out the presents and he always seemed to have time for a small chat and a hug. And while all the commotion was going on, you could look to the kitchen door, and there she would be standing, exhausted from the evening, but smiling, knowing that by the looks on her ?guests? faces, the evening had been a success.

An artist who goes by Zare swept up pieces of its front door. He said he was out late Wednesday to witness the rioting, which he saw as a natural extension of the hopelessness Minneapolitans felt to effect change or live freely. Zare said it didn’t make sense to him that protesters would hit minority own businesses..

Yet Quebec Caisse de D et Placement has frozen senior management salaries for 2020 and postponed compensation to the third quarter, in solidarity with workers. Mark Machin appears to be among the highest paid public sector pension fund CEOs in the world. Maybe he is the best, but a 3.1 per cent return on assets is not conclusive proof.The CPPIB operates at arm length from federal and provincial governments, although accountability is, theoretically, to the federal finance minister and the finance ministers of participating provinces, who represent Canadian pensioners.

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