Large Black Ray Ban Aviators

This week, city councillors will examine a 176 page report to review and update the development plan for the community, officially known as the East Fraser Lands. $234M amenities budget The report highlights the challenges of planning and paying for a moving target of ever increasing services and amenities that the city has added to its list of priorities over the years, including social housing, child care and active transportation infrastructure. Amenities for the 7.8 million square feet of development include shops, parks and plazas, four child care centres, two schools and a 30,000 sq.

An unfamiliar human. Each video was coded for proximity to the experimenter, body movements, tail movements and face movements. Cat facial movements were not related to rehoming speed, suggesting that cat facial expression may not have undergone significant selection.

The enneagram is a growth tool that shows you where you are on the map. Life isn’t like monopoly, it’s more like chess except your opponent is your own fears, insecurities and mechanisms of self sabotage. No one number is better than others because they’re all strategies the human brain comes up with to cope with this crazy world..

Yogawear company lululemon is all about living well. The brand’s Instagram stream captures yogis in impressive poses and preaches inspirational wisdom (see also: the lululemon manifesto), driving home the point that you can do anything when you put your mind to it. To many consumers, wearing Lululemon is akin to a badge of honor, practically saying, “my body is a temple, and it can do amazing things.”.

She says more than 22,000 dittos have been created in the last 10 weeks.Others superimpose images of frames over uploaded static headshots or pictures snapped quickly with shoppers computer webcams. It fun in a hey look there I am with glasses superimposed on my face kind of way. And it better than buying eyewear online without any kind of try on, but it doesn tell you much about the actual fit of the frames.

Karadjordjevic said Kosovo very close to our heart, but insisted that royals traditionally keep away from politics. The only time he was involved in politics, Karadjordjevic said, was during the rule of strongman Slobodan Milosevic, who pushed Serbia into wars and international isolation in the 1990s Karadjordjevic then sided with the democratic opposition I did not see a future of Serbia in the world, to be very blunt. Crown prince only returned permanently to Serbia to live after Milosevic was toppled in 2000..

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