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Harmony Henke, 35, of Diddillibah was caught driving drug affected at Nambour (27/8/18). Henke was sentenced to two months imprisonment wholly suspended for six months and disqualified from driving for four months. Henke was also caught driving drug affected at Nambour (1/9/18) and sentenced to two months imprisonment wholly suspended for six months and disqualified from driving for four months.

He is survived by his children, Marcia Urseth, Marilyn Steinman (Duncan) and Meredith Smith; grandchildren, Ellen Lambert (Scott), Craig Urseth, Heather Statz (Brian), Peter Steinman (Janelle), Gail Nozal (David), Oakley and Maren Smith; great grandchildren, Anthony, Kirsten, Kirby, Alex, Andrew, Katherine and Samuel. Also survived by sister, Ruth Anderson; brother, Richard Stenrud; sister in law, Margaret Fox; and nieces and nephews. Melvin was born in Duluth, MN on Sept.

A lot of the stories were either laughable or terrible (or both), with the few bright spots being a new Blue Beetle/Question team up and a new Captain Atom story, a few years before the sale to DC. In the mid 80s, as death knocked on Charlton’s door, they revived some dormant reprint titles like Tales of the Mysterious Traveler and Iron Corporal, but these only lasted for a couple of issues or so. In 1985 Charlton also put out a couple of issues of the title Charlton Action, which featured Steve Ditko’s creation Static, in stories which had already seen print through Eclipse Comics.

Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!”Twitter flagged the President’s tweet with a warning for ‘glorifying violence.’Twitterdonaldisoverparty began trending following the Twitter warning, seemingly both in response to both the threatening tweet and Twitter’s flag. It has been trending in the United States throughout the day, amassing over 140,000 tweets.Critique of the President’s tweets is far from typical, and the donaldisoverparty isn’t a new hashatag either people have used it sporadically online before.

There was a time when Buffalo Bill Cody was probably the most famous American in the world. For 30 years he toured with his arena show called Buffalo Bill Wild West. The Western United States was still an unknown territory and in the Eastern United States and Europe there was intense interest about the wild West with its cowboys and Indians.

Trudeau: Canadians watching US unrest and police violence in ‘shock and horror’Canadians are watching unrest and police violence in the United States in “shock and horror”, Justin Trudeau said on Friday but the prime minister cautioned that his country also has entrenched problems with racism. The city of Minneapolishas been rocked by a third night of violent protests over the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, after a white police officer knelt on his neck as he lay on the ground following arrest. “Many Canadians of diverse backgrounds are watching, like all Canadians are, the news out of the United States with shock and with horror,” Trudeau told reporters at a daily briefing.’If you can say you can’t breathe, you’re breathing’: Mississippi mayor faces backlash over George Floyd commentsA mayor in Mississippi is facing fierce backlash and calls to resign after saying that he “didn see anything unreasonable” about the death of George Floyd.

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