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Their actual and constructive terminations are being conducted under the guise of related business decisions. If the illegal reason is only part of the company deliberations, and COVID related economic reasons play another part, the decisions are still illegal and such employees are entitled to substantial compensation, in addition to reinstatement or wrongful dismissal damages.Moreover, employees have time on their side. The longer it takes to get to a human rights hearing, the greater the recovery for an employee since the presumptive remedy is full back pay from the time of dismissal.Their length of service or other factors which may dictate the result in a wrongful dismissal case is usually entirely irrelevant in such cases..

The Centre has extended the lockdown, now called ‘Unlock 1’, till June 30. The Home Ministry has put out a detailed list of activities that will be allowed to reopen over the next month. Confirmed COVID 19 cases in India stand at 1,82,143. Everyone I knew had a vegetable plot of some size or another, even the town folk. Here in southern Georgia not growing your own produce was as unthinkable as not attending church on Sundays. Besides, you had to have something to give the preacher when he came calling, which he did frequently during the two garden seasons we enjoy down here..

The one thing to note here is that there are hills everywhere so you really need to be in shape to do walking tours in San Francisco. Paris is another city that provides really amazing walking tour experiences for many of the same reasons as San Francisco does. There are lots of people out and about walking through Paris so you’re in good company here.

21st Century Patriot/Militia ‘Movement’Not all militia/patriot movement members are personally racist. Many today were sucked in by nefarious Alex Jones types, youtube ranters, and right wing websites, twisted truth and flat out lies. Mesmerizing them with tales of ‘One world government’, FEMA camps, confiscated property and ultimate extermination by Satan worshiping ‘globalists’..

It is not impossible for, on very rare occasions, large waves, which may be tsunamis or earthquake waves, to hit the Hurst Spit, and presumably therefore Milford on Sea. There are occasionally, relatively mild earthquakes in the Chichester Isle of Wight area, normally less than 5 intensity and are not normally associated with any large waves. Probably, although the matter has not been studied, a rare Atlantic Ocean tsunami wave could come up the English Channel and hit Hurst Spit.

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