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It was during that trip that I decided my friend had the right idea: a camp trailer. We kept a look out for something cheap that we could fix up a and make our own. After a year of searching we purchased a 1969 Breeze travel trailer for $300.00(see pictures)..

When I talk about the door modification I’m mainly talking about making them double door(like, one outer door and one inner door). It’s more efficient at catching the cat mid sprint. Also two of my doors are in the second floor leading directly to the balcony, which leads directly to the roof and neighboring houses.

From downtown Houston, TX of my favorite hotels is the Hilton. 2 blocks from the Astros baseball stadium and in the middle of it all! It has a great pool on the 23rd floor with big glass windows that overlook the city. Nice to swim there at nite! The hotel has a beautiful entrance (I have posted and HDR of there previously) and also a few cool bars.

Fortunately, the boy’s death seems to have come about quickly after the dogs’ onslaught. Later, an autopsy showed that injuries to his carotid artery and esophagus caused his death. So deep did one dog’s back teeth penetrate his skin that indentations were visible on the back of the neck of the child’s corpse.

Just THINKING about coffee makes your brain more alert, study revealsThe sleep calculator factors in the average of 14 minutes it takes people to naturally fall asleep, so you don necessarily need to be in bed by this time.If you need to get up at 6am To get up at 6am, you looking at a bedtime of 8.46pm, 10.16pm or even 11.46pm or if you feeling like a real night owl 1.16am.Can sleep at night? You may be suffering from these hidden health problemsHow about 8am? Don need to get up super early to get to work on time? Have no fear. Here what time you need to go to bed for an 8am rise: 10.46pm, 12.16am, 1.46am or 3.16am.What are sleep cycles? A sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes, during which time we move through five stages of sleep four stages of non rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep and one stage of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.We move from light sleep in Stage 1 to a very deep sleep in Stage 4. It is difficult to wake someone in Stage 4 of a sleep cycle, which is why you might feel more groggy if you wake up during this stage.The fifth stage, REM sleep, is when most dreaming occurs.You can even be really precise For example, if you know getting out of bed at 6:35 is the optimum time so you can not miss the train and be punctual for work, enter it into the sleep calculator and you get a result.For a 6.35am rise time, go to bed at 9.21pm, 10.51pm, 12.21am or 1.51am.The Calculator website reads: “Getting a good night sleep is about more than simply going to bed early it about waking up at the right time too.How sleep can be better for weight loss than the gym according to a doctor”Using a formula based on the body natural rhythms, the Calculator will work out the best time for you to rise or go to sleep.”The calculator works on the principle that everyone sleeps in about five or six cycles which last roughly 90 minutes.Waking up midway through a cycle can leave you unable to sleep and feeling grumpy the next day.

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