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I see it as we all have a soul. Is that soul concerned about dressing as a man or woman? Does it have a sexual preference? Is it a certain color? Nope. Unfortunately pushing the topic to be accepted stirs more controversy and hate in my opinion. This data is:Anonymised IP address of the deviceDate and time of the server requestName of the retrieved files or informationTransferred amount of dataOperating system and information about the Internet browser of the device accessing the portalType of the deviceScreen resolution of the deviceBattery level of the deviceCPU usage of the device3.1. Personal data is only collected, processed and used as part of the use of the portal as described below. Personal data are all individual details about personal or factual circumstances of a specific or identifiable natural person (not including: legal entities, such as a GmbH or AG).

ITHOUGHT it was some sort of tasteless joke to learn of the motion carried at Kerry County Council last week that members will lobby the Minister for Justice to grant permits to rural dwellers to drink and drive. I am simply appalled that any self respecting public representative would propose such a thing and even more shocked that publican, namely Cllr. Danny Healy Rae would think it a wise move.

Incase your trying to figure out the discrepancy, remember this is San Francisco, so there was a slight downward hill from the front to the back. All this means is that we had kids running up and down the stairs and at times sledding down. The flat is also a great place for hide and seek or running around in circles (hallway to living room to bedroom to dining room and back to the hallway).

Aborigines did not become Australian citizens until 1949, and it was not until the 1960s that they were constitutionally enfranchised. This period of Australian social history is well chronicled, but now little discussed in public. The argument that the most potent symbols of prejudice and indifference from that time should be kept as public aide memoire has validity, though of course this has to be weighed against the sensitivities of those who feel they continue to defame and caricature.

Huscarls were a throwback to Danish rule over England and they were professional soldiers picked for their size and capability. A Huscarl was capable of cleaving clean through a man and horse with one blow from his Danish Battleaxe. Had William made one misstep, if a single man had been looking a different way, or if someone had thrown themselves in front of their lord, Harold could have lived and William died on the field of Hastings.

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