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Wet and Dry sandpaper can be used for a road surface, grey or sandy side up, the finer the better for town or village roads, rougher for moorland or farm roads. Your powers of observation and imagination are all that limit you. This is all incidental.

Mention the name Pure Life Society; and the name, Mother Mangalam will immediately come to life. The Pure Life Society is synonymous with Mother Mangalam, although she always insists that the Pure Life Society is larger than Mother Mangalam. Mother Mangalam , the indefatigable icon of the Pure Life Society, has been the life force of the Pure Life Society for the past 53 years, and still counting.

Instead, they will be required to make “commercially reasonable” efforts to hold onto their staffs. That has brought criticism from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D Mass., that Powell and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who has backed the Main Street effort, haven’t done enough to ensure that the program will in fact protect jobs.Powell said Friday that the Main Street loans are intended for companies that were healthy before the pandemic hit and that will likely remain viable.

Five experienced surfers drowned after going out for a session in stormy weather that whipped up thick sea foam off the popular Dutch beach. Three of the deceased were qualified lifeguards, each closely involved in the local surfing community.The Dutch Coast Guard said three people were rescued, two of whom were later pronounced dead.Two additional bodies were found, and a fifth body was seen floating in the waters as it was drifting out of reach. The search for the sixth man body is ongoing.surf looked a bit messy and the tide wasn right, Smith told World Surf League.went training instead and left my phone in the car.

NASA, which is responsible for Chile’s civilian space, earlier turned down requests for alcohol and cigarettes made by the 33 trapped miners. A NASA doctor, however, agreed to provide them with nicotine patches to get them through their ordeal. To a report, some of the miners were dependant on alcohol before becoming trapped and were experiencing withdrawal symptoms weeks after being cut off from the outside world..

Gala Park which opened in 1901, and Stella Park which opened in 1907. North Beach was conceived and created by a beer company with the intention of creating what amounted to the world’s largest beer garden. Exclusively selling their beer, of course.

“It’s such an exciting week it’s the Super Bowl for triathletes,” Ryan said. “Kona is one of the toughest ones out there, and there’s immense respect for what the athletes have to do just to get to the starting line. One thing that’s great about this race is that the racers come in all different shapes sizes and from all parts of the world.

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