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What gives: Supprelin LA was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2007 for central precocious puberty and has a list price of $37,300, according to pricing data from ConnectureDRX. Vantas was approved by the FDA in 2004 for late stage prostate cancer and has a list price of $4,400. Doctors are allowed to prescribe medicines for treatments that haven’t been approved by the FDA, something called off label use..

Since its premiere, the AppleTV+ drama Defending Jacob has felt more like a chore than anything else. Watching it feels like an obligation to a serious show about difficult topics, to a subscription you already paid for, to your loyal crush on Chris Evans, or any combination of the three. If you’ve made it to the finale, you’re ready to find out if it was all worth it..

No ready explanation comes to mind other than the congregation at Grace Church may have elected not to adorn the facade facing Broadway with anything on the 25th. Likewise, other New York churches and synagogues might have been a mixed bag, with some placing visible expressions of mourning on their buildings and others not. But it is certainly possible that Grace Church was adorned with black crepe or similar physical expressions of grief on much higher levels of its Broadway facade such as its top bell tower which were outside the framed space captured by the National Archives images.

The Non Superhero Comic BookWatchmen and The Dark Knight pushed the medium of comic books to the standard of literature. Time Magazine even included Watchmen in their list of the 100 greatest novels of all time, side by side with such classics as F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises and Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow.

Massachusetts passed its first buffer zone law in 2000, creating an 18 foot “floating” buffer zone around an individual entering a clinic. The law was a response to protests and violence at abortion clinics, including a fatal shooting of two clinic employees in 1994. However, Attorney General Martha Coakley office said the law was ineffective and failed to prevent protestors from blocking entrances and intimidating patients..

Contrary to initial reports, Lynch was neither shot, nor stabbed, according to doctors who have examined her in Germany where she was taken following her dramatic rescue Tuesday. Col. David Rubenstein, commander of the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, enumerated her injuries as a head laceration, fractures to her right arm, both legs, her right foot and ankle and her spine.

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