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Everyone would know that attempts to obligate the sovereign are attempts to weaken the sovereign, to subject the sovereign to the sway, not of “the people” in general, but of some very specific people with a very pressing desire for power, if not necessarily a clear idea of how to use it. All clamoring for “rights,” “freedoms,” a “voice,” etc., would lead everyone to look around and discover who is most ready to use and benefit from those rights and freedoms. And to shut their ears to any remonstrance coming from that corner..

The UK has the second highest total excess death count since March behind only the US and the highest death rate when adjusted for population.The GuardianWhy the officers fired for the George Floyd killing could ultimately get their jobs backThe four Minneapolis officers involved in the killing of George Floyd were swiftly fired after footage of his death went viral. Officers in the US are frequently rehired after their termination for misconduct, a problem that experts say increases the likelihood of abuse and killings by police. The odd plea was filed Tuesday by Caro Quintero lawyer seeking an injunction against his arrest or extradition to the United States for the kidnapping and murder of DEA Special Agent Enrique Camarena in Mexico in 1985.

But she noted, in light of the pandemic, “there are a lot of stakeholders interested in putting plans in place to allow people to work.”In recent weeks, the unions and guilds worked separately and together, forming an industrywide safety committee task force to develop a white paper to submit to the governors of California and New York. Various studios and production companies also have been fashioning their own plans.Despite reports of turf battles, the DGA, the performers union SAG AFTRA and IATSE, which represents crew technicians, issued a joint statement Wednesday saying they have been working together with “unprecedented frequency and productivity” on the proposed white paper. “We all want folks to get back to work as soon as possible, but we need to do it right,” they said.For now, there are numerous proposals under discussion but no uniform set of guidelines, no determination of how much these new measures will cost or who will pay for them.

Oakley a city interest if he would proceed at once to the contemplated work, and have it finished for the reception of guests by the time in the spring when immigration might be expected. Negotiations were concluded upon these terms, the house to be located on the northeast corner of Kansas avenue and Fifth street, to be two stories, and finished in a good and convenient manner for hotel purposes. The weather soon after became very cold and stormy, so that the foundation of the building had to be prepared after removing at least a foot of snow, and cutting through frozen ground for a like depth.

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