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“The only thing I would say is to try to keep his left butt cheek back a little bit more as he does it. There’s nothing wrong with the hip extending and coming up, but the butt has to stay back a little bit. The thrust forward like that, he’s gonna have an upright follow through, which he does, the club’s gonna flip up vertically.

Built by Martin Aircraft, BW Air is actually an experimental aircraft capable of flying at 46 mph and at 3,000 feet of altitude. It runs on regular gasoline and makes about as much noise as a high performance motorcycle (which means it’s pretty loud), but Thinkmodo’s James Percelay insisted it’s quiet in a relative sense thanks to a piston less rotary engine that runs at about 90 db. Its ability to take off and land vertically in relatively small spaces makes it, potentially, ideal for first responders, the actual target market.

This was early 90 before Luxottica bought everyone. I know I was in the business and, well, stayed in the business even after they bought the company I worked for. I not defending Luxottica. Not only did dad have a darkroom he built it himself, including all the equipment. He made his enlarger from assorted scrap metal and believe it or not spare aircraft parts he bought from the employee store at the airline at which he worked. Dad was a mechanic by trade, so manufacturing things was as much hobby as vocation for him.

Deliberately and calculatedly so, let’s note. In the program, Comlish refers to Claudio’s girlfriend, the winsome, mistreated, and almost dialogueless Hero, as the play’s “central ‘nothing,’ because she lives in a world where she has nothing really to say about her marital fate.” That’s not untrue, I suppose, though my guess is that few viewers would come up with quite so literal a reading of the Bard’s title. What’s harder to see is what the director has gleaned or wants audiences to glean from his comparatively dark interpretation of the play.

4. Moisture barrier layer: Protecting your artwork from moisture is very important as it can bring irrevocable damages to your artwork. MDF or hardboard are usually used as a layer behind the artwork, though good these still allows moisture to some extent.

Keep telling people, it the most stressful situation you ever be in and everyone handles stress differently. The villains are usually the ones that just crack under that pressure. I got no doubt in my mind they be really good people off screen but obviously you really wouldn want to rely on them if your life depended on it.

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