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Touring Pennsbury is more than just getting a glimpse of colonial life, it’s a look at Penn the man. You learn how Penn grew up in a wealthy family with all the comforts one could wish for. He joined the British military and served with his father and yet he left that world behind after hearing Quaker preachings.

From commerce to coding and everything in between, it fair to say Canadian startups have found their time to shine and they doing it far away from the California sun.While this is far from an exhaustive list the amount of sharp Canadian talent country wide is endless, much to the daily chagrin of our poor email inboxes we picked a few founders, entrepreneurs and startups that we at FP Entrepreneur believe are worth watching this year.Hicham Ratnani and Ethan Song, co founders of Frank Oak, MontrealGraham Hughes for How do you go from eight employees to more than 85 in a little more than a year? Turning the world of online clothing retail on its head certainly helps.Hicham Ratnani and Ethan Song, the two co founders of Montreal based Frank Oak, have made a name for themselves by selling personalized, affordable, high quality menswear that easy to try on and return from home. It a different approach to most online stores that aims to take the guesswork out of shopping online. When items are customized and curated to taste, the pair believe, shopping doesn really feel like shopping at all.Although the site now has about half a million users, Mr.

It is a movement that holds the promise to reshape our productive land use industries towards systems that work with the natural environment to regenerate the land. The movement is that of regenerative agriculture. More>>. On September 16, Prince Andrew’s daughter announced that she is engaged to her boyfriend, businessman Edoardo “Edo” Mapelli Mozzi. As Beatrice’s husband to be, Edo’s been slowly entering the royals’ orbit in an official capacity, making his debut at the family’s Christmas Day walk to church and more.But that didn’t happen overnight Beatrice has been reportedly dating Edo for some time. Here’s everything we know about their relationship so far.Mozzi’s step father Christopher Shale, who passed away suddenly at the Glastonbury music festival in 2011, was close friends with Beatrice’s parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

Follow CNNStory highlightsFormer Lance Armstrong sponsor Oakley says it is “sad” but not angry about his demiseChief executive Colin Baden says he is “left with the grief of what was a great story”He says Oakley will not follow other bodies by asking for its money backBaden: Armstrong was a key endorser due to his worldwide popularityLance Armstrong’s fall from grace has left one of the cyclist’s former sponsors not only “sad” but also without one of its biggest marketing tools.Premier sports eyewear firm Oakley was one of several companies including Nike, Trek and Anheuser Busch to end lucrative deals with the American when he was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles after refusing to answer charges of systematic drug use.Oakley said the 41 year old had been a “symbol of possibility” when he signed up, having inspired millions when he returned to competition after recovering from testicular cancer and then won cycling’s blue riband event from 1999 2005. Anti Doping Agency this year left his legacy in tatters.British Armstrong effigy causes outrage”The Lance story is a sad one, with our emotional connection with that athlete,” Oakley chief executive Colin Baden told CNN.”We have been very consistent in how we view cheating and we’ve always stuck with this over the 16 years I’ve been with the brand, so that if the governing body rules that an athlete has broken the rules, we can’t be a sponsor.Photos: Armstrong effigy causes outrageUp in flames Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong is the subject of annual Bonfire Night celebrations in the British town of Edenbridge. An effigy of Armstrong will be burned during the celebrations, which mark the foiling of Guy Fawkes’ “gunpowder plot” to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill King James I in 1605.

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