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After the dentist, I went to my favourite fruit and veg market, grateful for the mask covering up my anaesthetised mouth. I was buoyed to find parking still a nightmare and, in spite of only half the stalls being there and a mere smattering of people compared to normal, there was still a clamour and chaos that is pure Florentine charm. It was music to my ears..

Aside from also having a testicle removed, he had to have surgery to remove the leftover cancer but he was then hit with another blow there was still signs of the disease there.couldn really dig it all out because it was near a bunch of nerves so I had to have radiotherapy to clean it up, he said.think the most difficult part was after the surgery it was still there. This cancer has an 80 per cent survival.was one of the few people who had to go through every stage (of treatment).started worrying maybe I would be part of the small per cent that doesn recover from this. Lyons said her favourite photo was of Alan sporting a shaved head with the kids, Michael, who was 12 at the time, Angus, 9, and Issy, 7.after we told the kids what was going on we gave them a chance to ask the doctors any questions and our daughter asked if he would lose his hair and started bawling her eyes out, she said.couldn face the idea this was life of death situation, she hung on to the hair.first it was all a big shock.

Disney, of course, is firmly in the staple food category as far as children’s entertainment is concerned. Leading the way here are three recent remakes of classic Disney material Guy Ritchie’s very enjoyable Aladdin (2019), Jon Favreau’s The Lion King (2019), and Charlie Bean’s The Lady and the Tramp (2019). In Aladdin, Will Smith’s performance as the genie was widely praised..

I was traveling in Toronto a few weeks ago and had to take a drive to Rochester, NY the next day. I scouted some locations and my target was this amazing church! It is the St. Louis Church. It is something that every country in the world is looking up to. They admire. (Applause.) Consumer confidence has just reached amazing new highs..

Cotton corresponded with Oliver Cromwell, John Winthrop, Thomas Dudley, Thomas Hooker, and many others. He also was a leader in the creation of the Congregational Church in America. Cotton was a prominent voice in early America, the intellectual leader of the first generation of colonists.

That’s right. You guessed it. NINTENDO!!. There is a strong case for the 10 year rule to be respected there should be a decent interval before permanent statues are erected, especially when they are controversial enough to risk vandalism.also feel that the quality of the sculpture does not do justice either to the subject or the site. The understated and reverential character of the statue is disappointing given that the Churchill statue is so much more interesting. We understand that Lady Thatcher daughter dislikes the statue.

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