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Lucy Galvin, a city councillor for Wensum Ward, said she was “very concerned” about the situation, which has not only left people in the area without a pub, but with an eyesore too. She said: “It was much loved as a landmark and we’re left with a gap. It’s a waste of space and its something which needs to be addressed..

I love blue shades, and I really love granite or marble textures, so this paper is another one that ranks high on my list of favorites. Although the texture is a little dense, resembling more of a granite pattern, it could also be used for projects in which you want to incorporate a marble look. The light blue shade meshes well with a variety of themes, including baby boy scrapbooks and spring designs..

The story above comes from the “First Epistle of Clement”. This is where we capture the “ressurection” meaning. The Phoenix represents rebirth. But there has been a generation that has been fans of Jalpari. However, the new audience and the new kids have arrived. You can educate them about Jalpari but the time is different so naturally the artist needs to be relevant.

Chest pain. The first thing you may think of is heart attack. Certainly chest pain is not something to ignore. Edgewater has a bit of a split personality it has some of the pizzazz of its neighbor, Annapolis, but has beautiful, small town charm, too. Edgewater is a haven for boaters, like my friend and her family. Because it’s located, well, on the edge of the water, there are yacht clubs and marinas everywhere, making boating easily accessible..

Mud is an issue for ramblers, especially in gateways where a footpath is waymarked. It sometimes looks like dried plaster on vehicles in summer. You might come across a whole length of dry stone walling that’s collapsed where road vehicles have gone out of control or walkers have ignored in built steps and tried to climb over, bringing the wall down with them (painful!).

The underground trailblazer championed the PLUR (peace, love, unity, and respect) philosophy, which encourages clubbing communities to aspire to higher ideals. Get Together 7 will feature a special birthday set from Woody McBride (aka DJ ESP), the pioneering Midwest DJ who was the subject of a City Pages cover story in August. Also performing are DJs Fresko, Amy Pickett, Casey Borchert, and Cloudy Kid.

For the first time in almost four years, the UFC welterweight belt won be on the line when Woodley steps into the cage during UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas on Saturday night. His fight against Gilbert Burns is a big one for the 170 lb. Division, to be sure, but after Woodley lost his belt to Kamaru Usman last year in decisive fashion, there no real push for him to get another shot at the title.Seven years of being among the best in the world and three as welterweight champion is pretty exceptional.

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