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And it is killing the very possibility of American democracy today. I join those screaming that this is all screwed up, and it’s been screwed up far too long. But we are not screwed as long we have the consciousness and humanity to know what is right and wrong.Those of us who have faced the lethal force of systemic racism have also learned something else in the American story.

As presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden transitions his campaign from the primaries toward the general election, buzz is turning to a “shortlist” of his potential running mates.While the former vice president has committed to selecting a woman, very few further details are confirmed other than a desire to have a “simpatico” partner. There’s also been mounting pressure since the beginning of the primary cycle for Biden to pick a black woman.Rep.Former Vice President Joe Biden, California Sen. and Michigan Gov.

Seven years ago, District lobbyist Ted Walker walked into a meeting with Mayor Marion Barry and one of his staffers to discuss a business problem. No, Walker wasn’t looking for a contract or a tax deferment. Walker, who also happens to work as a street vendor, had come to protest a proposed regulation to require city vendors to peddle their wares from standard pushcarts..

No need to pack a lunch as local options will be available for purchase at many of the farms. Be sure to bring your cooler as some stops will have products for sale (cash only please). SEUSS EXPERIENCE: If you love Dr. Pot smokers celebrate on “420” and this year Easter falls on April 20th, otherwise known as 4/20. The crossover of Easter with the day commonly celebrated with marijuana has caused hilarity through the Internet in the days leading up to the holiday. Huffington Post made a “Are you Celebrating Easter or 420” quiz The Examiner made a list of the reasons that the holidays should be joined forever, and in preparation for the holiday there was even an ad featuring Jesus holding a sandwich and .

Methods of HorrorThough applied postmortem, the name “Vlad the Impaler” was appropriate for obvious reasons, as it was the man’s favorite means of torture and execution. Vlad would have the impaled bodies of his enemies arranged in eerie circular patterns for all to see. The number of victims became so great that there grew a virtual forest of staked decomposing bodies, and any who expressed displeasure at this grotesque display were promptly staked themselves..

From the kitchen we could access an enclosed porch that ran the width of the flat and where the washing machine was situated. From the porch we could exit through the back door down two flights of stairs to the shared backyard. The backyard was a hidden world of trees and gardens to which there is no hint from the street.

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