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So if I want to swap wheels between my gravel and road bike I have to re dish the wheel every time, or if I blow up a wheel and want to poach one of my wife wheels for a few days I can without re dishing it. Wheel swappers aren the biggest market sector consideration, I get that, but it it a huge inconvenience for what looks like pretty minimal marketing driven gain. No other brand has felt that need to deviate from the standard dropout/centerline alignment and I not sure anybody can realistically claim that any given Cannondale is that much better than a corresponding bike from another brand just because of that offset..

My starting point here is the deferral of appropriation on the originary scene. Deferral on the face of it is a “negative” act something we don’t do. But it’s immediately positive and creative as well: we see and hear something new as a result of our deferral the carcass we were about to fight over becomes a god, transforming us into a community, initiating morality, ritual and aesthetics.

Officials announced three additional cases in the region on Thursday, bringing the total of cases in the cluster to six, including the health care worker at the Campbellton Regional Hospital. One of the new patients also works in health care.”Based on the contact tracing and the testing that we are doing, we will see more cases,” said Dr. That adds to $305 million the feds had previously promised.”Although we made progress, there are still communities that are not properly equipped to handle a COVID 19 outbreak,” Trudeau said.

(This is similar to laws passed in California and Connecticut.) A bill from Sen. It would then establish an arbitration process to determine what the patient’s health plan should pay. (This is similar to laws passed in New York and New Jersey.) A bill from Texas Democrat Lloyd Doggett, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee’s Health Subcommittee, introduced during the last Congress with Sen.

Words That OffendI love words, I love stories, I love the English language. Sure, I’ve butchered it a time or two in my writing career, but I always try my best to do it justice. Cuss words tend to be among my favorite words, even if they’re played down ones, like ‘darn it,’ or ‘dagnabbit’ (which I always change into ‘dangnabbit.’)’..

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