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A decade later, Lennon and Ono would release Double Fantasy, the last album released before his death. The album contains the song Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy), which showcases the best of Lennon songwriting, but isn very well remembered today, except for one line: is what happens to you while you busy making other plans. Full paragraph in the song goes: you cross the street, take my hand; life is what happens to you while you busy making other plans..

They must cook and sell luxury versions of traditional food truck fare. A second new episode heads to San Diego. Food NetworkBrooklyn Nine Nine When a prank goes awry, things at the precinct take a distinctly Agatha Christie turn in this new episode of the police comedy.

I have helped a ton of house hacking clients, if you can break even while you live there, then cash flow your rent amount or more after you have moved on, you have found a pretty good deal in most east side neighborhoods. Love the House hack strategy to get started. Not sure you will see the cash flow you seek in Oakley or Hyde Park, but those aredefinitely great areas as well..

My cousin stopped a car accident from occuring after idiot leaves her car with the husband inside. She claims she didn’t know how to put the car in neutral. But she THOUGHT the track started moving her car as she was getting out, and puts her hands up like “Whew, I just escaped a dangerous situation! It started to move!”.

I use smaller ones for edible brews and potions. I have some I use exclusively for poisonous herbs and concoctions, spiritual crafts or burning petitions. Sometimes I scry in them, too. At the time it was bizarre to market a camera like this to the public rather than to rental houses.”The only way we could do that was through incredible compression technology” they use JPEG2000. Not even something more specialised like CineForm, which already existed.”I should mention here that there were many color science and feature upgrades. For free.

From that night, of course, the paths of the Warriors and the Knicks diverged so greatly, and so steeply, it’s hard to believe sometimes they compete in the same league. Just 12 days later the Warriors humiliated the Knicks at Oracle Arena, 92 63, Curry and another kid Warrior, Klay Thompson, combining for 49. Soon they would start to collect championship banners, three of them between 2015 and 2018..

“I think a lot of things combined to change it,” he said. “One, they changed the rules and, two, the analytic people came in and put validation over 3s and stuff we were doing in Phoenix. Yeah, we kind of jumped out there because of the team we had and Steve Nash before anybody really caught on.

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