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I set out to put together a list of vegetarian sandwiches, to serve as a reference and inspiration. I made an outline of categories of sandwiches, like sweet sandwiches, sandwiches featuring cheese, sandwiches featuring eggplant, and so on. I combined my own brainstorming with a little web searching.

She worked as school lunch lady of Oakwood Elementary in the late 70’s before cashiering for 20 years at the Erickson’s New Market and Vicksburg Lane Cub Food both in Plymouth. After Jim passed, she took up dancing wherever she could find a dance floor and playing cards at Plymouth, Golden Valley and Hopkins senior venues. This past year Jan could be found playing Rummikub and Bingo around the clock at the Champlin Shores senior living.

Robbery and Car Theft CentralThey hit the Fort Worth State Guard Armory and stole several Browning automatic rifles. Clyde needed to be sure that he could outshoot the law, as well as outrun them. These guns were in reserve in case state militias had to be formed for emergencies, but legislative red tape kept them from being made available to the outgunned police.

4MbAbstractRandom effect models have become a mainstream statistical technique over the last decades; and the same can be said for response transformation models such as the Box Cox transformation. The latter ensures that the assumptions of normality and of homoscedasticity of the response distribution are fulfilled, which are essential conditions for the use of a linear model or a linear mixed model. However, methodology for response transformation and simultaneous inclusion of random effects has been developed and implemented only scarcely, and is so far restricted to Gaussian random effects.

9MbAbstractGeneralized Skyrme systems are those which include both the Skyrme and the Skyrme Faddeev models through an interpolating parameter [0,1] the former corresponds to =0 and the latter to =1. Our numerical and analytical investigations centre around the =0 Skyrme crystal, its deformations, and its behaviour and symmetries as a function of , called the generalized Skyrme crystal. We show that a double square lattice emerges when the Skyrme crystal is deformed in a certain limit; we compare its energy with the one corresponding to a double hexagonal lattice and show that it has a lower energy per charge than its hexagonal counterpart.

I resolve to finish “More Scenes from the Rural Life,” the most recent collection of Verlyn Klinkenborg’s marvelous musings on country living from The New York Times. I will read “David and Goliath” by Malcolm Gladwell because his books about the workings of human psychology never fail to surprise me. I will read “Magical Journey,” Katrina Kenison’s new memoir, because her earlier one, “The Gift of An Ordinary Day,” was so good.

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