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The KD Kyrie signings were all about winning a championship. Durant’s return for the playoffs would be a delicious, inspirational treat to hungry New York basketball fans and the NBA but he’d probably have to play limited minutes and without Irving. The Nets are the seventh seed in the East..

However, Murrietta became famous (infamous!) for his robberies, and many groups all over the state began to copy what he was doing, often with far more violent means. Sightings of the bandit were reported everywhere at once! “He’s like a fox,” it was said. It seems he was able to teleport to so many far flung locations.

This perception; be it right or wrong, implies, that this image must be of great worth or why else would we bother to frame it? Is it any wonder that you’re 10 times more likely to buy a framed photo than just a print? Knowing the information above, how can you make people take your work more seriously? How do you let a total stranger know that what you have shot is important? Well, there’s only one thing that can possibly draw your attention better than a good frame. That’s two frames. If your photo is naturally framed; and then you add a frame and hang it on your wall, it’s no longer a photo, it’s now a work of Art.

When I’m feeling healthy, I choose gasp coconut oil! Yes, I know the bad press coconut oil has gotten, but there is another school of thought that believe coconut oil is actually healthy. It’s definitely expensive and you’ll have to go to a store with a big natural or organic foods section to find it. It’s one of the few oils that is solid at room temperature, so it comes in a short jar, not a bottle.

VI DevocationsIt is time to bid farewell to those who have been invoked. This is usually done in reverse order. This is not a step that should be brushed off and forgotten simply because the ritual is coming to a close it would be rude, like inviting your guests to a party and then disappearing without saying goodbye.

Rig Veda,Yajur Veda, Athar Veda and Sam Veda, written perhaps more than 5000 years back (Initial versions are only by oral communication they are called “shrutis” some thing you heard, only later versions called “samhitas” are the compiled vedic literature). Though shrutis survive perhaps much more in rituals because of their poetic form. A lot of initial Hindu ideas and even other knowledge originate from these Vedas.

They believe that a safe life is not one worth living. The idea of any type of security is a total anathema to risk takers. They see security is a relative word. Cassie never directly answers the question as to whether she’s a Witch or not, and the word “Wicca” never makes it into the series. The show doesn’t go into religion or beliefs (although she has a very subtle and casual air of spiritual enlightenment about her). Cassie is an example of those high ideals for which Wiccan and/or Witches aspire, as well as an example of what we really try to accomplish through our magical arts.

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