Oakley Si Gloves Review

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“Oakley’s collaboration with VICIS is a testament to the brand’s belief that everything can and will be made better,” said Ryan Saylor, Oakley Vice President of Advanced Product Development. “Extending our leading optics technology to another field allowed us to create the highest performance football shield for the highest performance helmet. We are excited to see the impact that it will have on the game of football and athlete’s performance and safety.”.

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One fairly inescapable refutation of free market ideology is the way each new technological development leads almost immediately to gigantic monopolies. No one even bothers to go through the motions of saying we should find competitors for Facebook or Google. But there are probably new innovations, creating new megaliths, yet to come, which might yet marginalize them less by creating a better Facebook, though, than something rendering Facebook obsolete.

But Brexit has also led to Megxit Meghan Markle and her boy toy Prince Harry who are apparently holed up in a Vancouver Island mansion plan to split from the Royal Family.Then along came Wexit folks from Alberta and Saskatchewan mad enough to consider severing from Canada after the re election of Justin Trudeau oil patch hating Liberals in the fall national vote.Which pretty well died when Alberta Premier Jason Kenney foolishly announced he was a and signaled to Justin he had committed the political equivalent of rolling over like a hog in a ditch.Except it ain over yet.Now along comes Pexit which spilled out on the pages of a survey of lake users recently released by the Lake Wabamun Watershed Management Council.The big cottage lake west of town has been roiled with controversy for many years going back to the cottagers internal battles over lake levels, water vegetation growth, TransAlta Utilities power plants, Canadian National Railways oil spill, last summer blue green algae bloom, and, of course, the polluting/shore line destruction antics of the cottage owners themselves.The watershed council readily admits the poll was scientific heavily weighted toward property owners and admitted the report major was the lack of other Wabamun users taking it. Like me.What most amazing is that 58 per cent of the Wabamun users go to the lake to fish.And while 75 per cent indicated they are boaters, there has to be a lot of spill over between boating and angling.Here where the Pexit part kicks in.While a satisfying 90 per cent rated the overall quality of Wab either or very good when it came to the state of the angling and specifically Wabamun pike population the powers that be got an earful.The negative comments were many but this one more or less sums it up:keep fish, overrun with walleye, pike, whitefish and perch populations have diminished due to the walleye population. Not sure if the re introduction of a general harvest is the solution to Lake Wabamun angling woes, though.Pexit the demise of Wabamun pike population which attained status between the harvest moratorium following the CN toxic oil spill and the introduction of several million walleye fry was clearly a burning political issue in the council survey.Still when my ice angling buddy Emmerson and I rolled down the Wabamun village boat ramp on a weekday there were already a half dozen tents on the Home Bay ice surface.We drove out as far as the surface slush would allow, erected the tent, augered holes including one for the Aqua Vu underwater camera then settled down in our chairs to watch the walleye come, go and hopefully eat our frozen shiner tipped chartreuse jigs..

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