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Oscar Pistorius attends court on Tuesday, top, just hours after the family of shooting victim Reeva Steenkamp gathered for her funeral, bottom. Mr. Pistorius, foreground, is standing in front of his brother Carl, centre, and father Henke, right. Abbott of Newport News and is a 2001 graduate of Woodside High School. John Z. Axsom has been recognized as an outstanding campus leader in the 2005 edition of Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

The epidemic grew much faster prior to the lockdown than it has diminished afterwards. To decline at the same rate, the R number would now have to be about 0.25 and no one thinks it has declined to that level. This is substantially higher than the usual estimate for influenza of about 1.4 to 2.0.

That inquiry will continue, Coakley said. Blue Cross board members unanimously approved Killingsworth contract after they had been criticized for approving an even more generous exit package for his predecessor, William Van Faasen, currently the insurer chairman. The board later voted unanimously to let Killingsworth resign with the same payout he would have received if he were fired..

But in addition to his work as the man behind such bestselling novels as “The Great Santini” and “The Prince of Tides,” Conroy was also one of the nation’s and perhaps the world’s most enthusiastic lovers of books.Conroy celebrated his bibliophilia in his 2010 memoir, “My Reading Life,” which recalled how his connection with the written word got him through a troubled youth as the peripatetic son of an abusive military officer the inspiration for the title character of “The Great Santini.” An often lonely military brat, Conroy found solace at the public library, where he was inspired to build a private library of his own.”My Reading Life” is a running love letter to traditional books a celebration of how they feel and smell, and the stories and language they hold inside.Here, in tribute of Conroy and his abiding affection for the treasures of his bookshelf, are five passages from “My Reading Life”:As Georgia reopens, is it creating a model for America?1) “I take it as an article of faith that the novels I’ve loved will live inside me forever. Let me call on the spirit of Anna Karenina as she steps out onto the train tracks of Moscow in the last minute of her glorious and implacable life. Let me beckon Madame Bovary to issue me a cursory note of warning whenever I get suicidal or despairing as I live out a life too sad by half.

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