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I’ve heard several explanations of the term cowboy and where the name originated. One explanation which seems reasonable to me is that an owner of a cattle ranch was termed a cattleman, a cow hand was an experienced or mature worker on a cattle ranch who could demand a higher wage, and a cowboy was a young guy just learning the cattle business. Some sources say that two cowboys could be hired for the same wages as one cow hand.

Amazon reviewer “This little guy is amazing! It is smaller than it looks, and comparable in size to a ‘traditional’ handheld vac. In terms of weight, it’s actually lighter than many traditional handheld models. With the hose locked into position (like in the default product picture), it ‘drives’ very nicely the center of gravity is basically right under the handle, so it maneuvers very easily without too much effort.

2. Give me 100 Foreskins!Source: 1 Samuel 18 Saul was the King of Israel, and David was his popular general. As a result, Saul feared David’s power and wanted him killed. If anyone knows anything about it pls let me know. I have looked every place for information. Thank you.

Growing Things: Eliminate creeping bellflower, snow mold during spring gardeningQ: First, let me say I wholeheartedly agree on the benefits of us getting out there and gardening. These are such difficult times, but gardening is good for both our soul and our physical well being. I am going to mask up and get bedding plants next week, practicing social distancing and using generous amounts of hand sanitizer.

But that wonder was grounded in an acute sense of life’s mysteries many of them beautiful, others incalculably dark.That truth informed Oliver’s fine essays, too. In “Bird,” a selection from her 2016 collection, “Upstream,”Oliver recalls bringing home a wounded gull, eventually wondering if her “rescue” has simply prolonged the pain of a doomed animal while allowing her to enjoy a false sense of virtue.Oliver’s poems and essays, which could seem simple and pleasant while resonating with complicated themes, invited comparisons with Robert Frost, another ostensibly “accessible” poet who, on second reading, offers more than initially meets the eye.”Knowledge has entertained me and it has shaped me and it has failed me,” she wrote in another essay, “Winter Hours.” “Something in me still starves. In what is probably the most serious inquiry of my life, I have begun to look past reason, past the provable, in other directions.

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