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I can go to a butcher and pay less but they close at 6pm and they might be sold out of what I want by the time I actually get there, they aren open on Sundays or holidays. Then I can go to a local pharmacist to get my prescription and maybe they have the shampoo I use. Then I can go find a gift for a friend at another store.

Grindr is usually the butt of the joke or it some type of naughty thing that you can discuss. But it the same thing. That was easier for me to write. One of Strong friends testified that he glanced back as shots were being fired and that he believed Borrero was shooting at him. Anthony testified that he lied at the preliminary hearing for Borrero and DeLeon, when he testified that he saw Borrero with a gun during the drug deal. Prosecutors since have charged Anthony with perjury in a capital trial..

“Bohs were again favourites and I think they were quite confident, but so were we. There was no pressure on us. Though we went one down, Tony Stenson got a superb equaliser and on a wet day and a mucky pitch, it was basically down to who wanted to win it the most,” he maintained..

London was an interesting place to be over the last week. US president Donald Trump was in town, spreading chaos, and the UK government was lurching from one Brexit crisis to another. Theresa May White Paper is being described here as a “crme brle Brexit” (hard on top, soft underneath) and is regarded as pro business, but each day seems to bring fresh uncertainty.

Start thinking about your essay right away. I’m not kidding. This is a graduate RCD course; you should be writing and thinking about rhetorical issues at an advanced level, and you should know how to write and research an academic essay. The main uses for SmartAR will be in games, education, and advertising. Imagine pointing your phone at a restaurant menu to see 3D samples of the dishes. Imagine playing a 3D MMORPG that actually based on the world you live in.

Even the flash from my not too bright flashlight didn’t disturb that trusty watchdog who had somehow managed to stuff himself back into that tiny space where practically nobody could ever find him. We may need a crowbar to pry him out tomorrow morning, but now that my heart has slowed down to a steady purr I believe I’ll tiptoe back into the bedroom and join the rest of the sleeping clan. I’ll try not to wake the watchdog nor the man of the house.

At around 3:30 in the morning, Lewis and his crew of about 10 headed outside, where Oakley began to get aggressive with two other clubgoers themselves part of a group of about 10. Oakley kept at it and got whacked on the side of the head with a champagne bottle. Then, Lewis would later testify, “all hell broke loose at that point.

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