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Well, I was born in ’48, so I can’t say I remember this firsthand, but I did see all the movies from that time, and the early 50’s didn’t show that much of a change, so yes, I am familiar with it all. Glad to say I never had any two toned shoes; never liked them. :).

When Anucha Browne Sanders sued MSG for sexual harassment, Dolan said he would rather fight than settle out of court. He used some of the media to go on the offensive and smear ABS. Sounds familiar, right? The case went to civil court and ABS was awarded $11.6 million following a trial that revealed sordid details of “life,” and sexual harassment inside Dolan’s Hot House, er, Garden..

After his public split with his first wife, Ivana, in 1990, Trump often got more media attention for his dates than his deals. From then until 2005, when he married his third and current wife, Melania Knauss, Trump’s social life was a tabloid staple. During that time, he had a second tumultuous marriage, to beauty contestant Marla Maples, who was quoted on the cover of the New York Post as saying about Trump: “Best Sex I Ever Had.”.

The situation was very bleak in Delhi. I just wanted to leave the city. I did not think what I will do once I come back to my hometown,” he told PTI over phone.Guttan Singh, who moved back to Mughalsarai in Uttar Pradesh, lost his job as an office assistant in a firm in Noida.

Eventually they would grow to enormous size, the largest specimens reaching ten meters in length, or three meters in shell diameter, but in the beginning they weren’t of any substantial size. These creatures survived several mass extinctions before most went the way the dinosaurs at the same time. Today nautiluses and other mollusks are our only living reminder they existed but that’s not to say they didn’t have fantastically long run in our planet’s evolutionary history!.

Is a remote possibility, we see their military assets operating in greater regularity and at higher intensity in the same maritime domain,” said Collin Koh Swee Lean, a research fellow at Singapore’s S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies. “The interactions of these rival assets in the area would create chances of miscalculation and misjudgment leading to inadvertent or accidental use of force, which is thus potentially incendiary and could result in escalation.

We have 6 cats in the house, and they get along most of the time. However, the youngest two, (just like human children), can be troublemakers and stir the pot, causing a bit of a fracas. It doesn’t last long, and is really a way for them to release pent up energy.

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