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I’m looking for a school that can help my daughter keep up because she doesn’t feel well most days and that makes it hard to focus. While I’d like the school to have decent academics that’s not the top priority. What’s most important to me is that the class sizes aren’t too big and that the counselors and the nurse are available to help the students when they’re needed.

The Boston Bruins will be hosting an in game PJ collection on Saturday, February 15 at the Boston Bruins vs. At TD Garden. Fans who donate PJs or $10 at this game will be entered in a raffle to win Bruins autographed prizes. All those who possess a valid Aadhaar card linked to a registered mobile number can avail of this facility. The allotment process is paperless and an electronic PAN (e PAN) is issued to the applicants free of cost.This follows the announcement made by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman earlier this year as part of the Union Budget, for the introduction of a system under which PAN could be allotted instantly using Aadhaar cards. The facility eliminates the need for filling up of detailed application forms.”The ‘Beta version’ of Instant PAN allotment facility was started on trial basis in Feb 2020 on e filing website of IT Deptt.

I’ve always been a bit of a freak for Swiss Army knives and Leatherman tools, but this is the first time I’ve run across a multitool like your Kelvin.23. That’s just so cool, that it even has a tape measure in it, not to mention the magnets on the screwdriver. (I can see the magnets would be handy to hold a couple spare screws when you’re stuffed into a tight spot, trying to reattach a panel or the like.) Leatherman multitools are great for out hiking and camping, but it occurs to me that this Kelvin would replace a whole lot of basic tools for household repairs and maintenance, all in one tidy little package you could just keep in the kitchen junk drawer.

Politicians, although as we well know, have a reputation for being shifty and untrustworthy, are given a major privilege to serve the public. People must must have trust in them to follow up on their promises and get the job done, and when they have nothing but excuses as to why they can’t do anything, spend time criticizing the other party, and are photographed too often on the golf course, the public has a right to feel betrayed and resentful. In one of the most extreme cases of feeling let down by a politician is when a politician is caught cheating on his wife and children.

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