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The credits will appear in the next two billing cycles. There is a free wifi hotspot at Suddenlink on Prien Lake Road and two more are being planned.The Red Cross has started a program to help homes destroyed or hit with major damage from Hurricane Laura. The program will give $450 to each home owner to replace items or pay transportation costs.

That Democrats had a gun to his head with their threat to have a floor vote on Greene’s committee assignments probably made it more politically difficult for Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to act on his own. He did seek a deal with the Democrats to take her off the House Committee on Education and Labor and the Budget Committee and instead relegate her to the Small Business Committee. When Democrats didn’t bite, McCarthy again condemned her past comments and wrung an expression of regret from her in an internal GOP meeting earlier in the week that she repeated on the House floor on Thursday.

Did you receive anything else beyond that and the approval letter?When you say they know how much gross you make, how do they? The application never asked for this info. This is the concerning part for me since I applied on 4/2 for the week of 3/29 and still crickets so I am concerned maybe something needs to be done for my application. Did you provide that later somehow? They asked? You just wrote down in an irrelevant field while filing?Same exact thing happened to me.

Most recently, the Republican Party has been mired in controversy over freshman Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R GA) and incendiary statements she’s made, some in support of QAnon, the debunked conspiracy theory described by the FBI as a domestic terror threat. The European Union recent blunder triggering Article 16 of the Northern Ireland protocol in a row over vaccines, threatening to effectively create a border on the island of Ireland, set off alarm bells in Washington DC. There was no public comment on the issue at the time from Mr Biden, who has made statements on the subject in the past and is deeply personally committed to the Good Friday Agreement, or from his administration.

She says, now, that she has turned over government related emails to the appropriate record keepers. But the email lapse under scrutiny is from the same period in which Ivanka Trump was still profiting from her shoe and clothing line. When her entire family so cunningly uses their political status for personal monetary gain and then claims the business is separate, do we believe that she separated the political from the personal? Is it even possible to run a pure business endeavor, without political influence, when you work in the White House and when your professional brand is your job?.

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