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“I am very pleased that Madison Festivals Inc and Water Utility have arranged to have the Water Wagon on site, Saturday,” said Mayor Soglin. “Access to free water is not only a health concern but one of equity. This additional resource will contribute to Rhythm and Booms being a fun and safe event for everyone.”.

But he also said there was a precedent for the Republican Party to strip committee privileges, recalling the case of Rep. Steve King. The former congressman said:For my vote I would say that she should be not on those committees simply because we got to distance ourselves from those kind of comments that are conspiratorial, that are hurtful and embrace violence..

Your saliva lies information about what makes you unique, says Julia Moore Vogel, PhD, Director for the All of Us Research Program Participant Center. DNA in a simple saliva sample can speak volumes about where in the world your ancestors came from, explain some of your individual traits and characteristics, and even predict your risk for certain diseases. All of Us Research Program, a historic effort by the National Institutes of Health to engage more than one million participants in a comprehensive study to uncover patterns of disease and transform the future of personalized medicine, is collecting saliva samples from participants to aid researchers in these and more discoveries.

Bring pretend into the workplaceIn The Role of Play in Human Development, Anthony Pellegrini explains the how enhanced creativity we see in children in the realm of an important social and evolutionary function.Children not only find unusual uses of existing objects, but they even invent new objects and ideas through imaginative play. Though it may seem unimpressive that a child can see a block and pretend it a phone, or that a toddler can quickly become an elephant in their mind, this kind of symbolic representation in thinking is a form of innovation. And it makes children more productive in their play by allowing them to achieve the goals of their game without the restrictions of the limited resources at their disposal.As adults, we often get stuck on the obstacles caused by the of a task: One path forward won work because of reason A while another could never happen because of reason B.

Helen Ann Smith at Harlem House, Beale St., Memphis, Tennessee, 1959, by photographer Ernest T. Withers Lunch counters have a long history in American culture and often create a sense of community by encouraging people to sit and eat side by side. This is an image of a young Black woman at a lunch counter called Harlem House, which was a parallel chain to one called Toddle House.

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