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More than 100 inmates took over a section of the City Justice Center in downtown St. Louis, injuring a corrections officer at the facility, officials said. Saturday in a fourth floor unit when a “defiant” inmate “who was very, very upset” got into a fight with the corrections officer, Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards said at a news conference..

While it is likely that this storm will trigger a citywide plowing event, Streets Division staff has not determined the start time of this operation. Citywide plowing operations begin when the storm is at or near its end and there are three or more inches of snow accumulated on the roadway. When citywide plowing operations begin, another update will be provided..

“We’re in the process [of helping him] but it can’t be too sudden. I noticed that he is really used to sleeping on the road. If he wants me to help him, his looks could be further improved,” Strandz said. That got us thinking: Both SGI and CAA Saskatchewan strongly recommend winter tires, so is it time for us to follow Quebec example and make winter tires mandatory in Saskatchewan under law? Do you use winter tires, or all seasons? Is the barrier to winter tires cost, or simply laziness?12:00 SARM President Ray Orb is in Ottawa this week, lobbying on behalf of Saskatchewan rural municipalities. SARM will be meeting with Liberals and the opposition Conservatives on a number of topics including promoting the Energy East pipeline project, calling for a national study on rural crime, and a call for wider consultations before a potential ban of strychnine pesticides takes effect. Orb joins Murray now to discuss the trip and what he hoping to accomplish..

Like most of Wasserstein’s plays, “The Heidi Chronicles” is a soft centered pseudosatire that pulls its punches, most of which are thrown at feminism, to which the play’s female characters subscribe unreservedly (if not unquestioningly) in spite of the fact that the play’s ostensible subject is the unhappiness it brings them. Instead of probing this apparent contradiction with the take no prisoners candor of the true satirist, Wasserstein settles for poking safe fun at such easy targets as consciousness raising groups. As for the glib children of urban privilege with which “The Heidi Chronicles” is exclusively peopled, they all talk like escapees from the set of “Annie Hall” and appear never to have met anyone who disagreed with them about anything..

Latest epidemiological data suggests that 1.5 billion adults worldwide are obese or overweight. Excess weight and adipocyte hypertrophy have long been associated with contributing to low grade systemic inflammation through elevated adipokine secretion. These increased endocrine signals further augment the metabolic dysfunction related to the presence of obesity.

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