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Jeff Daniels name was not mentioned in any of the Emmy predictions that I have read and yet he was nominated. Newsroom is a snore. I believe Emmy votes love to see names they recognize from the movies. Julius Erving is one of the NBA most iconic dunkers and this was one of his finest efforts. Erving seemed to prefer the one handed dunk, and with hands the size of catcher mitts it was fairly easy for him to control. One would assume our panel of experts gave this dunk some bonus points for victimizingBill Walton, one of the best defensive big men of his era.

The team gave him complimentary tickets and acknowledged him on the video board when he first retired, but stopped giving him passes after he blasted the team to reporters at a game. He is no longer invited to official team events and when he does go to games, pays his own way. He not sure if will keep going..

The third quarter was much better from Chicago early on. They got out early with a 9 2 run to open it up. Chriss picked up his fourth foul of the game less than two minutes into the third. In terms of healing the full moon is a powerful time for releasing anything that no longer serves you or that you wish to leave behind and move on from. Many people believe that our emotions are more easily accessed and understood at this time, making it an excellent choice for acknowledging overwhelming, painful or negative emotions or emotional patterns and working on letting these go. By releasing these we can move forward with a clearer mind, help heal and balance our chakras and move away from situations that no longer benefit our lives..

Former Liverpool star John Aldridge has refused to let the prospect of an FA Cup quarter final showdown between current club Tranmere and the Anfield giants get in the way of tonight’s business. A fifth round replay against Southampton at Prenton Park has the Rovers manager’s full attention and any thoughts of playing Liverpool, the club he graced as a player, are put to the back of his mind. The former Republic of Ireland international insisted: “We’re not playing Liverpool yet.

Here is a photo from the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, CA. As you walk up to the museum this lovely B17 Bomber is out front on display. I crouched inside and set up my tripod and cable release to catch this HDR. Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout is the best player in the game. Hands down. Without a doubt.

With help from his mom. Curtis put together a day of dinner (their favorite after school snack: peanut butter and apples served as the appetizer) and dancing with Rachel, with the North Carolina pair even sporting a prom dress and tuxedo. “She’s a just great person with good heart so it’s been a blessing to have her helping us out with Curtis.”.

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